Candles given to graduates at the 2,000 hour Certificate Level graduation from the College of Purna Yoga

The 2,000 hour Certificate Level program is designed to support teachers to become holders of the flame of Purna Yoga. Graduates at this level deepen their practice to go beyond learning, beyond living, to embodying the Light of Purna Yoga. They may choose to share and grow Purna Yoga by opening Purna Yoga studios, leading Purna Yoga Foundation Level teacher trainings in their area, teaching at Alive & Shine Center (formerly Yoga Centers), or by teaching Purna Yoga Meditation, among other ways.

At the Certificate Level you study directly with world-renowned yoga masters and Purna Yoga founders Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, you receive the gift of working with two teachers fervently dedicated to your progress and growth towards your Soul.  The Certificate Level is our most rigorous program, holding you to the highest standards of excellence in your personal practice, your yoga teaching and your life.

This program delves deeply into Purna Yoga meditation, asana and pranayama, teaching methodology, therapeutics, applied philosophy, business, ethics, nutrition, and energetics.  To fulfill the program’s intention and embody Purna Yoga, you must learn to live and teach from your inner wisdom—therefore, the greatest attention is placed on the development of your personal integrity, professionalism, and inner connection with light and truth.


Participants must be Affiliate Purna Yoga Instructors and Registered Yoga Teachers at the 500-hour Level with Yoga Alliance (be an “RYT-500”).


2014 – dates to be announced

How to Apply

Please email Kirsten, the college administrator, for a registration packet. Email:


What certificate will I receive?

Certificates are awarded on an individual basis, and are not guarenteed with the completion of all required elements. Graduates become certified with over 2,000 hours of training, personal practice and apprenticeships. You will become a Certified Purna Yoga Instructor. Certificates will be valid for one year, and must be renewed each year by attending the Annual Purna Yoga Teachers’ Retreat in late June.

Who will be my instructor?

You will work directly with Savitri and Aadil, the founders of Purna Yoga, directors of the College of Purna Yoga and the owners of Alive & Shine Center. On occasion, Savitri and Aadil may bring in a guest teacher to supplement the information that will be provided.

How many people will be in class?

There will be a minimum of 15 students and a maximum of 35 students.

How much homework will I have?

You will have ongoing yoga and meditation practice, four books to read and respond to, anatomy study, philosophy study, therapeutics study, and any other homework that Savitri and Aadil deem necessary. Expect to spend 2 hours a day on your yoga practice and homework.

How much should I expect to pay for books and materials?

Your books should cost around $200. You can order them from the Yoga Centers Online Store, or find them at other book resellers.

I am coming from out-of-town. Where can I stay?

We will provide you with a list of local recommended accommodations, ranging from rooms in houses, to hotels and bed and breakfasts, as well as transportation options. Many students find that they prefer to set up carpools and shared lodgings with their classmates while they are here. See Lodging and Travel Information

After I graduate, where will I be able to teach?

Upon completion, you will be among the most highly-trained yoga teachers in the world. You will be able to teach Purna Yoga at a variety of yoga venues, such as studios, gyms, park departments, and schools, as well as in private and therapeutic settings. You will also be eligible to pursue teaching Purna Yoga worldwide, as a part of our referral program, teaching a 3-day workshop, a 5-day workshop, or a 6-day teacher training. You will also be eligible to teach the 200-Hour Level Teacher Training program as part of our Affiliate School Program. You will be eligible to open you own Purna Yoga Center in your area.

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