Yoga is not a practice, it’s a lifestyle.

The College of Purna Yoga Affiliate Level is for yoga teachers or serious students who want to affect the world in a positive way by teaching yoga and meditation with more power, potency, professionalism, and purpose! Delve into the wellsprings of your inspiration to teach yoga—and into your heart, bringing forth the teacher within. Consisting of 300 hours of training and independent study, the course has two components:

First, the technical knowledge on how to be a safer, more inspirational yoga teacher. The backbone of this program is the incredible depth of knowledge that our teachers offer, based on 40+ years of training teachers. Gain mastery in all four limbs of Purna Yoga:

  • Asana and Breath
  • Meditation
  • Applied philosophy
  • Nutrition and lifestyle
  • In addition, the course covers therapeutics, anatomy, how to be a teacher of integrity, how to help your students grow and shine, the business of being a yoga professional, and much more.

Second, your own spiritual development so you teach from the heart, instead of the head. The practice and teaching of yoga can be used to grow your ego; however, this program instills in you the practice of opening your heart and welcoming your soul into your body. It is through your connection to your soul that you become the teacher you long to be, with:

  • Confidence and leadership free of ego
  • The intuition to guide your students
  • An understanding of your role in healing
  • Joyful self-expression and purpose
  • An unlimited energy source – Light – which is a powerful upgrade from prana or chi

In this course, expectations are higher than other levels of training, and living yoga is the goal. Come discover the difference between yoga done from prana and yoga done from Light; between yoga of the mind, and the Purna Yoga approach to yoga from the heart.


Purna Yoga Helsinki, Helsinki, FINLAND – Starts September 12, 2015

Alive & Shine Center, in Bellevue, WA, USA – Starts February 8, 2016

Purna Yoga East, in Clayton, NC, USA – Starts April 16, 2016


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