“This is the best yoga teacher training course on the planet! I don’t know of any other yoga course that is so thorough, so well thought out, and with such a comprehensive manual. As the saying goes ‘We stand on the shoulders of our teachers.’ And our teacher in the Purna Yoga Lineage stand very tall!! I wanted to be a better teacher and I became a better person, which is what yoga is really all about.

Jan Robert, 200 hour Graduate, October 2010
Kapaau, HI

Tanvir Dattu, 500 hour Graduate, 2011 (3:30)

“Having a fabulously detailed manual to refer to in class and now to have it to refer to for specific things – this is the best! I appreciated going through that manual systematically for the duration of the course; its attention to detail in every one of the four pillars, plus the integrity and respect, jumped out of every page!”

Reagan Breen, 200 hour Graduate, October 2010
Kailua Kona, HI

Brett Braatz, 200 hour graduate, May 2010 (6:40)

“There is so much integrity in this course, it’s truly unique. I recently completed another teacher training course, and I have rarely felt more cared for by a school or institution as I have here. I’ve so, so much more confidence than ever before. Thank you!”

Erica Trumpower, 2009 500-hour Graduate
Fashion Designer and Yoga Teacher, Kirkland, WA

“I have been fortunate enough to study with all the “stars” of the yoga world. I learned much from them all. The major difference is that others teach how to perform skills; the College of Purna Yoga teaches a student how to evolve.”

Brad Waites, CPYI and 2007 College Graduate
Certified Purna Yoga Instructor and Attorney, Vancouver, BC

“Overall this course was awesome. I Learned much more than I ever expected to know. I recommend it for all serious yoga students. My favorite things about the course were the instructors – all of whom manifested great joy in teaching; the repetition and daily participation in the course—at times it was very challenging but always worth the effort; and the scope and depth of the topics covered. Also, the 200 hour Manual was very well thought out and complete. This course is well designed. It focuses on safety in teaching poses above all else. It not only teaches asana in ways that can be easily recalled, but also stresses the four pillars of Purna Yoga. It has taught us the evolutionary process of opening the heart center.”

Ed North, 200 hour Graduate, May 2010
Physician, Issaquah, WA

“The course is balanced, organized, and presented clearly. I appreciate the teachers’ sincerity and how they embody what they are teaching. The teachers have a good relationship with their students. Additionally, I like the applied anatomy—how the anatomy applies to asana is presented very well.

I would recommend this course to other perspective yoga T.T. candidates because the instructors’ knowledge was in depth and presented clearly—the teachers are willing to answer you questions.  The program emphasizes safety when teaching you “how to teach” your students—and I emphasis how to teach because other programs have not done as complete and thorough of a job as this program.  I like how the program is built and founded on Pranayama and Asana, Meditation, Applied Philosophy and Nutrition, and Lifestyle (Sunrider). The Purna Yoga College teaches a complete, integrated style, not just a physical asana practice.”  

Tricia Braatz, 200 hour Graduate, May 2010
Yoga Teacher, Richland, WA

 “I appreciate the methodology of the teaching approach. The manual is excellent for learning in class, studying at home, and reference in the future. The pace at which material was presented was not to fast for me to absorb and understand. The focus on a core set of poses and sequences and the repetition of these made for easy learning. The integration of anatomy throughout the course made it easier to learn, understand, and apply.    

 I have done yoga all across America and in other countries. I have also taken other teacher training programs. I have never seen yoga taught and practiced so well, so completely, or so safely anywhere before. If someone is considering a 200 hr. training program and they don’t have the benefit of such experiences, they can “trust” that the quality, organization, execution, teacher knowledge/excellence/embodiment, and more await them at Purna Yoga.”  

Brett Braatz, 200 hour Graduate, May 2010
Project Manager, Richland, WA

“Most if all, I appreciated the incredible feeling of respect and support that was offered by Mirabelle and Angelica, all the guest teachers, and the design of the program. I never doubted that the program and teachers had the intention of serving my best interest. Such incredible integrity!        

First of all, I would recommend truly giving yourself the space to be present with and absorb this program. I found that each time I let go of distractions in my life and enjoyed being fully present with the training, it was a huge gift to myself. On that same note, make the most of the training by engaging with the teachers and fellow students. I discovered so much receptivity and so much support from the teachers when I reached out. I also found community and support amongst my peers as I shared myself with them and realized how much we had in common along the journey. When you are putting yourself out there as a student of something new (i.e. teaching a pose to the whole class), it’s nice to remember that all the other students are in it with you and everyone is supporting each other in the learning process. I gained an experience of true mentorship and experience of genuinely supportive community where I was safe to shine!”

Abbie Anderson, 200 hour Graduate, May 2010
Nanny, Seattle, WA

“The 200 hr. course presents all the tools you need to begin your yogic teaching path. Instructors support your growth exceptionally well. I doubt one can find an as in-depth level course like this anywhere else.  What I gained, some has been mentioned above. Looking within more and from the heart—using my feelings to guide me. Love, friendship, joy—even more respect for the yogic path and desire to utilize those disciplines.  Our guest speakers added a lot to the program:  Amanda and Rutu are very knowledgeable and great instructors. I love Amanda’s humor and presence. Rutu was always helpful. Arya while gave a lot of information seem to go into a lot of detail which may have been caused by the questions asked.”

Steve Marshall, 200 hour Graduate, May 2010
Everett, WA

“I love the simplicity of the teaching style and format. 3 actions, 3 points, focus on lifting the POA. The repetition of important points throughout the course was great. I really love all the joy, smiling, and focus on the light, but still focused and serious teaching. The manual and clear instructions on teaching is an amazing tool.

My first compliment is hands down the teachers! The clarity and focus during teaching the class is amazing. I am so impressed with the energy level and the teaching of Angelica and Mirabelle. You feel they are completely committed to helping us grow. Even when a correction is done it is handled with such clarity and ease, knowledge, presentation skills, and relationship with students is great and very supportive. I feel so supported by the entire school and staff. There is so much love and support! I have actually tried at different times to take teacher training courses and to seek out mentoring in different schools. Some of the format styles I have seen are chaotic, and well meaning but not very organized. I have studied with some good teachers, but they are not teachers of teaching teachers. This course really focuses on refining you as a teacher from the personal grooming to poetry. I am petrified to stand in front of a class and teach but these tools that we learn continue to help shake off the fears and come from a place where you are connecting to your heart.”

Chris Tanaka, 200 hour Graduate, May 2010
Medical Device Salesperson, Seattle, WA

“I liked the clarity and focus of the teachings. The focusing meditations helped me concentrate and absorb information, and to learn to trust myself more from my heart. It seemed that every piece was important and there was nota lot of fluff or ramblings. I felt Angelica and Mirabelle were extremely sensitive to each student’s needs and paid attention to many details. The energy of the class was always clear and focused.

The course content is very deep and also very practical. The instructors are very well trained, have excellent presentation and teaching skills, and were always available when I had questions or concerns. The most valuable thing I gained from the course was a deeper connection with my own hear and soul.

All of the teachers have extensive training and I felt as though I was in very good hands and only being taught that which they know very well. Mirabelle was a calming and wise presence and I felt very cared for both in the class and “behind the scenes”. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. Angelica has an exuberant soul and brought a lightness, guiltlessness, great sense of humor, a big smile, and tons of knowledge to class. Rutu is a dedicated teacher with clarity and lightness and warmth in her presence.”

Berit Bergquist, 200 hour Graduate, May 2010
Environmental Scientist, Bainbridge Island, WA

“The quality and attention to detail with the curriculum—the quality of the teachers to include their level of knowledge and their ability to articulate it. I most certainly appreciate my manual. What a masterpiece.

One of the most valuable things I gained was my manual. It was the most impressive piece of work I have ever seen. Due to the detail and the exact information written it saved so much time for me as a student not needing to take notes. Although I did take some notes due to subtle refinements that were shared. The course offered so much more than what I expected. The teachers were of the utmost quality. I remember wondering how I would learn what I needed and wanted without Aadil present; but through his teachers and his manual, Aadil was present. This was an awesome, positive, wonderful, hard working experience for me. I loved it. Thank you!

Angelica and Mirabelle were amazing. Its difficult to find the precise words to represent my experience. They were knowledgeable, prepared, organized, generous of themselves through their stories. They were highly skilled. I was impressed with their knowledge of anatomy and how it applied to yoga. Through their demeanor you could feel their love for yoga and their love for teaching. They are excellent role models. When I grow up in yoga, I would be proud to be just like them.”

Lois Sims, 200 hour Graduate, May 2010 Graduate
Retired from public administration, Omak, WA

“I have never been in a situation where I have felt complete and total love without judgment or strings attached. All the teachers and staff made me feel so welcomed, loved and appreciated that I never once felt uncomfortable. Also, the depth of knowledge and true passion for the subject matter that all the teachers possessed made me respect the subject matter even more. I felt as though I was given a precious gift and I need to learn to cultivate, protect and share with people.  This is not just a yoga teacher certification course; it is a life changing experience.”

Leann Smith, 200 hour Graduate, August 2010
Personal Trainer, Duvall, WA


“At the College of Purna Yoga we are actually learning how to teach. I’ve attended a beginner teacher training where 75% of the workshop consisted of the teacher trainees performing asana. By the time I began teaching a few classes I was doing the asanas with the students rather than teaching. As I continue at the College I am able to realize there is a difference between teachers who perform for their students and those who are able to actually teach their students.”

Erica Bowen, CPYI and 2007 College Graduate
Purna Yoga Teacher, Performance Artist, Clothing Designer, Santa Monica, CA

“The college training was a constant reminder to enjoy the journey and focus on growth. There was no space for performance. I found many parts of myself that I didn’t even realize were hidden, because I felt so loved, nurtured, and cared for in every way.”

Nitika Kohli, CPYI and 2008 College Graduate
Purna Yoga Teacher and IT Project Manager, Bellevue WA

“The faculty was extremely supportive, and was always willing to tell me the truth—and it was what I needed to hear to become a better yoga teacher! They carry on the Purna Yoga tradition and operate from their hearts. The entire environment within Yoga Centers is one of love.”

Jennifer Weinert, CPYI and 2006 College Graduate
Purna Yoga Instructor and Event Specialist, Papaikou, HI

“The college faculty is excellent! Their depth of knowledge and ability to communicate with us, the students, far surpasses any other teacher trainer I have experienced. I respect each of them for their great knowledge and yogic understanding while I also enjoy just being around them as fellow human beings. Aadil and the rest of the staff were the reason why I flew all the way across the country to train. They are the best I have ever found.

Everything about the college impacted my personal growth in positive ways. Learning from and sharing ideas with the other participants helped me know I was not alone in the struggles that I experience as a yoga professional. I feel a greater self confidence, assurance and patience with myself and with my interactions in the world.

Catharine Eberhart, Certified Purna Yoga Instructor and 2006 College Graduate
Owner and Director, East 2nd Street Yoga and Massage, Clayton, NC

“The faculty was extremely supportive, and was always willing to tell me the truth—and it was what I needed to hear to become a better yoga teacher! They carry on the Purna Yoga tradition and operate from their hearts. The entire environment within Yoga Centers is one of love.”

Jennifer Weinert, CPYI and 2006 College Graduate
Purna Yoga Instructor) and Event Specialist, Papaikou, HI

“The College of Purna Yoga has been the most meaningful experience for my personal and professional life. The therapeutic training I received has been invaluable in helping my clients find long term relief from chronic pain and disability. This program is like no other.”

Rachel Krentzman RPT, RYT, CPYI and 2006 college graduate
Certified Purna Yoga Instructor and Physical Therapist
Director, Equilibrium Therapeutics, San Diego, CA

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